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Local knowledge, a passion for driving and a love for the outdoors. The perfect combination of personal service, comfort and style.

Hamish Macphee

Hamish Macphee

The Snow Dog

Hamish has been driving snow trips for over 15 years. What started out as early mornings, driving friends from Melbourne to catch those first lifts at Mount Hotham, has become the quality service of Snow Dog Transport.

Living in the alpine region means he's regularly seen on the Mount Hotham and Falls Creek slopes during the winter, and getting hikers to the Alpine Crossing during the warmer months. Sharing stories and local knowledge with everyone he comes in contact with.

Delightful journey to Mt Buffalo Chalet! Hamish made the windy road smooth sailing.

- Will and Del. United Kingdom.

His passion for the snow has also given him a wealth of experience, both here and across the globe. He regularly writes for Snowriders Australia about his experiences skiing through Japan, Canada and the United States, as well as his adventures in the backcountry.

Whether or not there's snow on the ground, you're heading to the airport or need a guide for a tour of Victoria's wine regions, Hamish is always happy to help. Snow Dog Transport is the perfect combination of personal service, comfort and style.

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Hatchiko Volkswagen Multivan


Volkswagen Multivan

If you ever get the chance to travel to Tokyo, there is a statue outside Shibuya station of a dog who returned to the station everyday for over nine years to wait for his owner who never returned. He is remembered in Japanese culture for his loyality and fidelity, that dog's name was Hachikō.

Hatchiko Statue at Shibuya Station

It seemed like a fitting name for the trusty companion of Hamish, and stalwart of Snow Dog Transport. Hachikō is ready to get you to your destination in the comfort that you deserve.

Fitted with a flexible layout allowing for up to six people, including the ability to turn seats around for a more intimate setting. There's even access to a central table for sharing snacks or playing cards during your journey.

After we store your luggage in the rooftop capsule, there will be extra space in the cabin for you to strech out, and the smooth drive will almost make you forget you're even on the road.


We'll get you to your destination in comfort and style.

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